About Deluxe Web

Who are Deluxe Web?

Deluxe Web was created by Sam Baly, a web designer and developer who has been providing websites to local and national businesses for over fifteen years. Sam is also the head designer at UK Churches and responsible for hundreds of websites produced there for UK churches and charities. 

Based in Thornbury, just north of Bristol, our aim is to help small businesses grow by utilising high standards of presentation and excellent, useful functionality that integrates with a variety of other services to automate processes and free up your precious time. Principally, small business websites need to get found, and we’ll do our best to make sure your site is integrated with your social media profiles, and SEO optimised to rank well on search engines.

We believe that despite the web’s global reach, people still like dealing with local businesses. That’s why Deluxe Web prioritises a friendly, available approach that dispenses with technical jargon, and communicates effectively in plain English. We want to provide maximum value because we know that’s how businesses grow best – by offering something truly valuable and useful for a fair price.

Our Service

For a low monthly payment, your business can have a…

  • Professional custom design.
  • Built-in hosting and technical support.
  • A free domain name included which we will renew on your behalf.
  • Complete control over your website’s content and layout.
  • Access to thousands of free plugins. We don’t charge for functionality, simply the work that we put into installing and maintaining plugins.
  • Free design refresh every 2 years to keep your site up to date.*
  • Dedicated support who are reliable, knowledgeable and quick to respond.

*Available on Small and Medium business packages


Who is Deluxe Web for?

Start-up Businesses

When you’re creating a web presence for your new business, you need to keep costs low and be able to change tack quickly if things go in a particular direction. You don’t want to be tied in to long contracts or pay exorbitant up-front fees when you have no idea how well your business will do or how long it will take to flourish. Sure, you could design a cheap website yourself, and many do, but it takes a long time and can bring less than satisfactory results, as well as offering limited flexibility and functionality. Deluxe Web’s packages are perfect for startups because they remove the risk of large up-front costs, plus a professional custom designed site will look great from the word go and take a fraction of the time of a DIY website to complete as it’s all done by experts for you.

Established Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Perhaps you’ve been in business for a few years and things are going well. You might be thinking about how to grow your business, and now you have the funds to make sure that everything is upgraded to a more professional level that reflects where your business is now and where it’s going. Deluxe Web packages are perfect for small to medium sized businesses who want to take their website to the next level. A custom designed site can match your branding and create a more professional image. We can add functionality that streamlines your customer experience and saves you time and money. Advanced SEO tools allow you to optimise every page of your website, and everything technical is taken care of for you so you can concentrate on what’s important. Plus, you can edit your site’s content and layout yourself using a highly intuitive drag and drop visual editor.

Why create your website with us?

Running your own website can be complex.

You need to find a reliable hosting provider that has the right level of service for a fair price and decent technical support. You need to get your website uploaded, configured and developed. You need to find a suitable design and then customise it for your business. You need to create and enter content, source images, set up email, SEO, maps, social media, a blog, banner images, have a logo designed… the list goes on. There are other services which allow you to get a website set up quickly and easily, but they often come with restrictions such as limits on website functionality or plugins, plus you still have to customise the site yourself, which is a hugely time consuming process you may not ever be satisfied with.

That’s what web designers are for!

Deluxe Web aims to bridge the gap between large Internet companies with restrictive low-cost website provision, and bespoke high-cost tailored web design services. We want you to be in control of your site, but without the hassles of the technical side of things; be backed up by excellent support; have access to great expertise, and enjoy the freedom to ensure your website does what you need it to.

And What they Said…

“Deluxe Web have designed and built three websites for me to date, all projects were completed in a timely manner with no hassle for me at all. Their patience was welcomed as I have no idea what I’m doing where these computer contraptions are concerned!” Mike Bird

Small Business Owner

“We’ve been getting very positive feedback on the new website. We love how much easier it is for people to access the site on mobile devices. Your help and support throughout the process of setting up the site has been fantastic. A huge thank you.” Jenny Newley

Thornbury Museum

“Having not had my own site before I was very grateful for the help and guidance about which structures and designs would work best for my needs. I am really pleased with the “feel” of the new site and particularly the fact that it looks so polished. Sam’s help and patience along the way made the project fun and I am absolutely delighted with the results.” Edward Culver


“I can highly recommend this 5 star service. Deluxe Web have helped and supported me every step of the way, and the end result is a fantastic website I can be proud of. The after support has been speedy and professional also, which is hugely important as a professional. I can’t thank them enough for helping me out and treating me with respect (despite my nervous nelly disposition regarding website matters).” Carole Francis-Smith

Counselling Psychologist

“Our website has been absolutely essential to our success as a band. The quality far surpasses our competitors and the way it’s plugged into other services allows us to automate various processes beautifully.” Grant Smith

Halflight Wedding Band

“We have a huge local history website of 1,300 pages and over 5000 images which had grown up over several years and was in great need of updating and making accessible to tablets and smart phones. Deluxe Web provided professional advice and technical support in a friendly, approachable and easily understood way. We were thrilled with the results and surprised by the very reasonable bill for the service. We cannot recommend this company too highly.” Sandra Doig

Historical Website Curator

“From start to finish I received great customer service. After discussing my ideas and designs, my brief was taken on board with Deluxe Web and the outcome exceeded my expectations. I am so pleased with my new website, it has been designed with a very artistic and professional quality and I’m sure it will continue to attract many clients to my business! Thank you!”

Caroline Lyall

Wedding Photographer

“I would highly reccomend this company – excellent service, with speed and style. Sam made it a pleasure updating my website. Many thanks.” Angela Harrison

Men's Wedding Hire Shop Owner