About Us

Deluxe Web was created by Sam Baly, a web designer and developer who has been providing websites to local and national businesses in Bristol for over fifteen years.

Our aim is to provide local UK businesses with a first class web presence that includes a professional level of custom design in a fully managed hosting environment.

We believe that despite the web’s global reach, people still like dealing with local businesses. People like to know that the company dealing with their business is reachable, human and connected to the reality of what they do.

The key aspects of our service are as follows

For a low monthly payment, your business can have a…

  • Highest quality design theme running on the WordPress platform.
  • Built-in hosting and technical support.
  • A free domain name included which we will renew on your behalf.
  • Complete control over your website’s content and layout.
  • Access to thousands of free WordPress plugins. We don’t charge for functionality, simply the work that we put into installing and maintaining plugins.*
  • Free design refresh every 3 years to keep your site up to date.*
  • Dedicated support who are reliable, knowledgeable and quick to respond.

*Available on Small and Medium business packages


Why Deluxe Web?

Running your own website can be complex.

You need to find a reliable hosting provider that has the right level of service for a fair price and decent technical support. You need to get your website uploaded, configured and developed. You need to find a suitable design and then customise it for your business. You need to create and enter content, source images, set up email, SEO, maps, social media, a blog, banner images, have a logo designed… the list goes on. There are other services which allow you to get a website set up quickly and easily, but they often come with restrictions such as limits on website functionality or plugins, plus you still have to customise the site yourself, which is a hugely time consuming process you may not ever be satisfied with.

After all, that’s what web designers are for!

Deluxe Web aims to bridge the gap between large companies with restrictive low-cost website provision, and bespoke high-cost tailored web design services. We want you to be in control of your site, but without the hassles of the technical stuff; be backed up by excellent support; have access to great expertise, and enjoy the freedom to ensure your website does what you need it to.

And What they Said…

“Our website has been absolutely essential to our success as a band. The quality far surpasses our competitors and the way it’s plugged into other services allows us to automate various processes beautifully.” Grant Smith

Halflight Wedding Band

“We’ve been getting very positive feedback on the new website. We love how much easier it is for people to access the site on mobile devices. Your help and support throughout the process of setting up the site has been fantastic. A huge thank you.” Jenny Newley

Thornbury Museum

“The site looks professional and clean, and the information is easy to find. The site has had a great effect on my private work, and I’ve really appreciated your help in getting this set up so quickly. Thanks again for all your hard work.” Edward Culver


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