These days, it seems like the first port of call when you’re setting up a new business is to go for the Facebook Page. It’s free after all, and it does allow you to outline your services, products and prices as well as network, build community and reach people.

It’s a great move to get onto Facebook, and Instagram and various other platforms. But is it sufficient? Do you really need a website too? Let’s look at why getting a website should be on your list of priorities…

Static content

Facebook is great for changing, dynamic content. Feeds keep people up to date with news and offers, but the amount of static content you can viably host on Facebook is limited, and even if you do include it, a lot of users would prefer a website link to just go and read the info they’re looking for. A website offers a great user-friendly based way for customers to learn about your products and services in detail. Often, that’s what they need before they make a purchase.

Branding and Design

A social media page is definitely a big part of building your online brand. It’s where you demonstrate your personality and maybe the fun side of your business. A website can do this through content too, but it’s also where you get to make a visual impact with colours, images and layout. Good design will be memorable and appealing. It will also be user-friendly and inviting. Your website is where you get to do whatever you like in comparison with the restrictions of a social media platform.


Sure, you can interact with people in a big way on social media sites – that’s what they’re for, but to be able to collect the right information from customers and leads, you need tailored forms. A simple contact form can allow customers to make enquiries, whilst at the same time capturing their details (with consent) for email marketing. You can also request particular pieces of information that will help you get a clearer image of your target market.

More complex forms can also be used to allow you to get precise information from customers, whether for tailoring a service to them, or as a survey. Third party apps can also be used together with your forms to provide a truly automated buying and selling process. For example, you can use a website to expand functionality to provide things such as appointment or event booking, calendar integration, accounts and CRM integration, ecommerce and much more.

Search Engines

A social media site is a little like a closed eco-system, there’s much more on the web besides what resides on Facebook. A good web presence means you’ll be found more easily through Google or other search engines.

Lack of Distraction

Social media websites are filled to the brim with distractions. You browse them as a feed, maybe reading the odd snippet of content here and there. There’s a hell of a lot going on and anyone that finds your page, might not stay very long. Once a user has searched for and found your website, the only thing right in front of them is your website – you’ve got a much better opportunity to capture their interest, get them to read or interact, and hopefully buy from you.

Sell Online!

If you’re running a business that can sell products online, you’re going to need a website. There are various eCommerce platforms available that you can get off the shelf, but your own website is the thing that will truly enable you to combine your information, design, layout, colours, branding, forms, blog, social media, commenting and discussion and the ability to make sales.

A website running a platform like WordPress is ideal for small to medium businesses that want to start selling online. It’s easy to use, flexible, expandable and there are multiple options available. You can also use services such as PayPal or Stripe to take credit card payments online without the previous hassle of setting up a merchant account.

Ready to start planning your website?

Hopefully you’re seeing the relevancy of having your own website rather than just a handful of social media accounts to represent your business online. The great news is, getting a website set up doesn’t have to be technical or expensive. If you’re ready to start thinking about your own website, check out this article on the various website options available to get a better idea of what might suit you.

If you’d like more information about Deluxe Web’s website provision, please feel free to contact us for a chat – we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. In the mean time, check out our website services and packages to see how affordable a Deluxe Web solution can be.