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Why Deluxe Web for Your Website Project?

What makes us different from any other web developer out there? We think it’s about the relationship. If you’re someone who wants to enjoy working with a team they can be inspired by and depend on, then Deluxe Web is for you. We’re great communicators, we’re passionate about what we do and we love nothing more than helping our clients succeed.

We believe in excellent communication – that means swift responses, meaningful dialogue, clear explanations and a touch of friendliness definitely never hurts.

We do what we say we will – We honour our word. We operate with transparency and integrity. If we drop the ball, we’ll take responsibility. If we’re struggling to complete something because we don’t have something we need, we’ll tell you. We aim to be honest and up-front in our working relationships.

We do great work that provides amazing value – We’re pretty confident you won’t find a better value website proposition than Deluxe Web. We work hard, efficiently and provide excellent results for a highly competitive price. We know that you’ll be delighted with our work.

Why WordPress?

WordPress now powers about a third of the websites on the web. This means it’s very well supported and continuously developed.

There are thousands of free plugins available for WordPress as well as themes (WordPress designs) making the choices of design and functionality much greater than with other platforms, where if you need some functionality you may have to get it custom-coded for you.

At Deluxe Web, we’ve been working with WordPress since it’s earliest incarnations, so we know it very well. We know how to protect and secure it, design for it, extend it and optimise it for best results.

WordPress’ prevalence also means that should you wish to move your site to another host, you can easily export your content. We think WordPress is an excellent platform whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business.

The Divi Framework

Divi is a premium WordPress theme by Elegant Themes. It’s one of the most popular high powered themes available for WordPress and it’s our theme of choice for building WordPress websites. This is because of it’s power and flexibility in creating advanced layouts and designs with the minimal of hand coding. It’s also excellent for our clients because of it’s visual builder which makes adding and editing content a breeze. Divi is very well supported and new features are frequently added.

Deluxe Web specialise in creating Divi based websites for WordPress. If you need a new WordPress website, this is our go-to theme, but we’ll happily develop websites using other themes if required.

We can convert existing sites to Divi as well as refresh or redesign your existing Divi website.

Our Service

  • Responsive designs that are pro-actively optimised for tablet and mobile. We don’t just rely on the theme’s inbuilt settings. We make sure your site’s content is displayed appropriately on each device.
  • Speed optimised – Image optimisation, caching, minification and page optimisation as standard.
  • Security hardened – carefully configured security plugins keep your site safe from hackers. Backups make it easy to go back in time if the worst happens.
  • Software updates – Keep software up to date for security and feature updates.
  • SEO friendly – we’ll help you refine your content with your keyword phrases in mind, and your site will be optimised for search engines using meta titles, descriptions, alt tags and proper heading hierarchies. We provide SEO software to help you optimise your pages going forward.
  • Analytics – Google analytics integration so you can understand your website usage and make content and marketing decisions appropriately.
  • Online payments – Easily take payments online whether through one-off order forms, or an eCommerce solution.
  • 3rd Party service integration – Connect your website to other services such as an invoicing system, CRM or other database to save yourself time and money with complex administrative tasks.
  • Plugin configuration – We know which plugins work well for a range of applications and we’ll configure them for you for best results.
  • Domain, DNS and Email – Let us handle the complex world of DNS for you. We can also recommend and configure email services.

Our Process


We sit down with you and get to know your business. We find out what’s not been working and what you’d like a new website to achieve for you. We work out the pages your site will need and start talking about the content. Then, well…we set about making your dreams a reality.



For the quickest results, you can choose one of our existing exclusive designs and we can customise it to suit your business. If you want to start from scratch that’s fine too – we can create something entirely unique and awesome!



Once the design is approved, we get to work building the site and adding the functionality you require.



We work with you to refine your content and insert it to the site. Stock photography can be acquired or we can use your own imagery.



Once the content is in we’ll make sure everything works great before getting ready to transfer the site to your hosting provider and launch your new website to the world.


Launch & Maintain

Your site is live, your boxes are ticked, your world is that much better. But of course a website is like a living thing in that it needs constant attention to keep it working at its best for you, so you’ve also got the option of keeping us on hand to support your site both technically and with content updates if required. Talk to us about maintenance packages for more information.

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