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What You’ll Learn:

  • How much Web Design costs.
    All the options and their rough costs.
  • What is the best way to build a website.
    We cover the pros and cons of DIY web builders, freelancers, local website companies and national web & marketing agencies
  • What’s necessary to run a website.
    Including the low down on hosting and domain names.
  • What Questions to Ask a Web Designer
    Find out quickly whether a web designer is for you.
  • The Web Design Process Explained.
    Understand the process and what’s involved in creating a website.
  • How important SEO and online marketing is for your website.
    How to assess the skillset of a web design company.
  • The importance of site maintenance.
    How to maintain your website to a high standard .

A good website can be an expensive investment.  Get the knowledge you need to feel empowered when making this important decision with our FREE guide. >>>

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