Adding a link to a word or sentence is easy.

  1. Just highlight the text you’d like to link.
  2. Click the Link icon in the toolbar (it looks like a chain link)
  3. A box appears by your text where you can start typing the name of a post or page within your site. Alternatively, type a web address.
  4. Click the Apply button (the blue arrow) when you’re done, or click the Settings icon (cog) to make further changes to how your link should work.

Adding a link to an image is performed in the following ways:

  1. Either follow the procedure above by simply clicking the image then the link toolbar icon. Or
  2. When inserting an image from the media library, you have the option (in the right sidebar) under Attachment Display Settings to change the Link To drop down to either a) none b) the media file itself or c) a custom URL.