A sitemap is essentially just a list of the pages in your site, organised into groups and hierarchies. It can be really useful to create a sitemap before you start writing content as it will give you a reference for what is needed. You don’t need any special software to do this – a note, or text file is fine. At it’s simplest it might look something like this:

Home About Services Blog Contact

The site map above simply shows what the main pages of the site will be. If you’ve got more main pages, that list might be longer, but it gets to a point where too many main pages becomes a little confusing to take in or navigate, or simply won’t fit nicely in the menu bar of a website, so that’s when we start organising pages into groups. In this scenario, you’ve got main pages with subpages…


About – Who We Are – What We Do – Our Mission – Meet the Team

Services – About our Services – Service 1 – Service 2 – Service 3


Contact – Where to find us – Opening Times

If you’re in the planning stages of your website, try making a sitemap as one of the first things you do.