Setting your domain to use our servers

If you have already registered a domain name and wish to point it to use our servers, you will need to change your domain’s nameservers. This passes full control of the domain to our servers so we can take care of the domain’s settings.

If you already have email set up on your current domain/server and you would like to keep it where it is, you have 2 options:

1. Instead of changing the domain’s nameservers, just change the WWW and A records for the domain to point to our server at this IP address: If you would prefer that we did this, that’s fine, just let us know.

2. Change the nameservers as mentioned above. Our nameservers are: and

We will then change the MX (mail) records of the domain to point back to the server where your email resides.

Both of these options have the same end result, the difference being where the domain’s DNS is administered – either at your domain registrar’s website, or by us on our server. We would prefer option 2 as it may make things easier for you, although it may cause a small delay in the operation of your email during the changeover.

Please note: you will still be responsible for the renewal of your domain with your registrar. We renew only domains we have purchased as part of a package.