Although it’s perfectly possible to create galleries on your WordPress website, if you have a lot of images, it can be better to use a service like Flickr. Flickr offers 1TB (1000 GB) of space for free which is plenty for most users. Galleries can then be set up in WordPress and they’ll load super fast too. The other advantage to using Flickr for your photos is that you have one central location for them and if you ever leave our service, you won’t have to worry about transferring them elsewhere.


Facebook and Twitter both have feed widgets that can be incorporated into the footer area or sidebar of your website. We can activate sharing buttons for all the most popular social media platforms that can appear under your page and post content.

Youtube & Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo both integrate seamlessly with WordPress. Simply paste in the video’s URL to your page or post and it will appear automatically.


You can integrate any Soundcloud audio straight into your website by including the embed code from Soundcloud.


If you have a podcast, we’ll help you get it up and running and set up with iTunes for distribution to the world. We recommend Soundcloud, Pod O Matic, Podbean, Libsyn and Blubrry services for this.

Google Calendar and iCal

Both these platforms can feed into your website’s calendar so you only need to maintain calendar events in one place.

Mailchimp & Aweber

Excellent platforms for storing and growing email lists of your website visitors. You can then send newsletters and automated emails to those who have signed up. Mailchimp and Aweber both integrate with WordPress so you can use a email signup form on your website. Other mass email providers may also provide WordPress plugins – ask us if you need this.


Jetpack is a suite of useful tools including website statistics, security, social media sharing and promotion and more, and is made by the WordPress folks. We can install this to your site to expand your online website toolkit.