Wordpress Services

Performance | Security | Troubleshooting | Installations

We’ve been working with WordPress for over 10 years. It’s our platform of choice for website design because of it’s huge support base, feature-set and extendability.

Deluxe Web offers a range of services for WordPress websites to keep things in top shape, whether we built your website, or it was made elsewhere.

Wordpress Performance

Speed up your WordPress website by optimising page loading times using caching, image optimisation, minification and page optimisation.

A slow website usually results in lost traffic. With more users on mobiles than desktop computers, it’s even more crucial to optimise your website’s loading time.

Wordpress Modifications

  • Layout and design
  • Plugin sourcing, installation and configuration
  • Theme installation and configuration
  • Core WordPress configuration
  • Content updates
  • Style sheet editing
  • Template creation or editing

Wordpress Issues

Diagnose your WordPress issues and fix. Whether it’s a white screen, a hacked site or connectivity issues, we can help.

Wordpress Installations

Install or backup and migrate your WordPress website.

Wordpress Security

Harden your WordPress security to protect against hacking or brute force attacks.

Would you like help with your WordPress website?

We have great turnaround times, huge experience and a friendly and helpful approach.